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UDA membership not only connects you with other dentists, but also makes you part of something bigger. Knowing that your voice is heard in legislative and regulatory issues. Helping move the profession forward in our lightning-paced world. Adding input on critical issues from student debt to professional ethics. Whether you’ve recently graduated, are opening your own practice, or simply want to connect with peers and boost your real-world knowledge, the UDA is here.

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Dental group? Solo practice? Corporate position? Military or public health? There’s a whole range of workplace settings out there, and UDA membership offers ready resources and assistance to support them all.

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Why Join UDA?

The primary reason to participate in the UDA is to work effectively with other dentists to accomplish good purposes. Only other dentists understand the concerns you have and can work with you to effectively improve dental concerns in the public arena, such as in the legislature, in the community, and in our practices.

For Hygienists

The Utah Dental Association extends an invitation to Dental Hygienists licensed and practicing in Utah to join the newly established Dental Hygienist Affiliate Membership of the Utah Dental Association.

Dental Students

The end of your dental education is an exciting time — but it also raises crucial questions. Where will you work? How will you pay off your debt? Where will you find your professional network? And what can you do to make a difference in people’s lives and be involved in the issues you care most about?

Evidence Based Dentistry

ADA Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry – helping dentists improve patient care through informed decision-making. Evidence-based dentistry (EBD) is about providing dentists with the best evidence so they can make informed treatment decisions and improve the quality of dental care.

ADA Sedation and Anesthesia Guidelines

View the ADA Sedation and Anesthesia Guidelines PDF.