Member Benefits and Resources 

Check back often as we determine specific benefits available to members of the ADA and UDA.

The UDA does not endorse products or services. Many businesses will offer members of the ADA/UDA discounts. It is our desire to list as many of those resources as reasonable.

The UDA can not list all possible offerings and is not responsible nor can control any changes in the offerings and any information is provided only as a resource.

The Benefits and Resources

​Cobalt Analytics

This is a Practice Analytics Company mentioned by Dr Cody Calderwood at 2018 CQI meetings as a resource to analyse what dental plans affect the profitability in your practice.

ADA Member Benefits

ADA Member Benefits - The ADA ​offers many benefits available by just being members of the ADA/UDA

​The Dentists Supply Company

​The Dentists Supply Company - Save an average of 20% on online purchases available to members of the ADA/UDA

The Amalgam Collector

The Amalgam Collector - For UDA members: Ask for your 10% off on your purchase for being a member of the ​ADA/UDA.