A summary of Utah continuing education law for dentists and dental hygienists

* All Utah licensed dentists and hygienists must obtain 30 hours of qualified dental continuing education every two years:
* the CE must be relevant to the licensee’s practice, must be presented by qualified individuals, and must have a method to verify attendance and completion hours for someone licensed less than two years are prorated
* hours for re-certification in BCLS, ACLS and PALS do not count as CE.
* CE credit may be obtained in all formal classes, seminars, lectures, conferences or training sessions in blocks of time of 50 minutes or more when approved, conducted or sponsored by universities, colleges, organizations representing licensed professions, government agencies, peer study clubs, ADA, ADHA, or their subgroups.

For each 2 year period:
* up to 10 hours qualifies for teaching dental CE to others*o up to 15 hours qualifies for internet or home study when verified by an exam and a certificate
* up to 6 hours qualifies for CE sponsored by the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing
* up to 3 hours qualifies for practice management courses
* up to 4.5 hours qualifies for documented volunteer dental care treatment
(1 hour of CE for 4 hours of volunteer dental care treatment)
* Competent CE records must be saved by dentists and hygienists for 6 years.
* When properly documented, licensees may be excused from this CE requirement for up to 3 years.

For exact language see Utah rule 156-69-304a and Utah statute 58-69-304

The Controlled Substance Practice Act, UCA 58-37-6.5, applies to all Controlled Substance license holders and has the specific language for dentist.

(3) A controlled substance prescriber shall complete continuing education in one or more controlled substance prescribing classes, dentists shall complete at least two hours, that satisfy the requirements of Subsections (4) and (6).