List of Health Department Contacts

It has now been a few weeks since Governor Herbert opened Utah to non-essential dental treatments under certain precautions. The UDA is very proud to have been influential and recognized by the governor to have been a major factor in reopening of dental and medical offices. We are certain the offices following the ADA recommendations are finding the patients appreciate your efforts and feel comfortable to return to the dental office’s that are taking those recommended precautions.

During the reopening of dental offices, the number one concern has been the shortage of PPE. The latest HPI poll indicated almost 50% of Utah dental offices do not have a full week’s supply of N-95 or KN-95 masks. As you know, the UDA was able to obtain some initial PPE last month. That supply was distributed statewide through our dental districts. We have since been continuously working toward obtaining additional PPE for the dental offices to minimize risks when treating patients. This letter announces the UDA has been successful in obtaining an additional 200,000 KN-95 masks and another 200,000 gowns. This is PPE earmarked specifically for the dental community.

This additional PPE will be distributed by the state through the Local Health Departments. Dentists needing PPE should contact the person listed below at their Local Health Department. Each Health Department handles this process according to their local management. You may need to provide some information for them to manage and track the distribution and usage of this PPE.

Local Health Department PPE Contacts




Cell Phone

Email Address

Bear River Health Department

Mike Wiebel


Central Utah Public Health Dept

Zach Kearney


Davis County Health Department

Ivy Melton-Sales


Salt Lake County

Keith Plagemann


San Juan Health Department

Ronnie Nieves


Southeast Utah Health Department

Chet Ingram


Southwest Utah Public Health Dept

Mike Gale


Summit County Health Department

Chris Crowley


Tooele County Health Department

Tracey Frailey


Tricounty Health Department

Rob Grove


Utah/Wasatch Healthcare Coalition

Ryan Strabel


Wasatch County Health Dept

Lewis Hastings


Weber Morgan Health Department

Cathy Bodily


The UDA is actively working towards helping staff and patients feel safe in the dental office during this pandemic. Obtaining this PPE supply will be a great accomplishment in support of safety in the dental office. We continually remind you to use wise clinical and professional judgement when screening patients and monitoring which patients and treatments to perform.

We continually want to remind all Dentists and their Dental Team members to visit often to see frequent updates and tools available to help patients and staff feel they are doing their best to minimize risks during dental treatments during this pandemic. New information becomes available almost daily.

The Utah Dental Association and the American Dental Association have been the #1 advocates for dentistry in these unprecedented times. Many state and national efforts have been made to help dental professionals manage the Covid pandemic and the effects on the dental offices. The dental community and situation would look very different without the ADA and UDA.

Sincerely, The Utah Dental Association Executive Board.