Utah County COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Here is the link to the Utah County Health Department website, where you can make an appointment for your COVID vaccination:  https://health.utahcounty.gov/2020/12/20/covid-19-vaccine/

COVID-19 Vaccine | Utah County Health Department

How to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The Covid-19 Vaccine will be given at the UCHD Provo office location and other offsite locations. The vaccine will NOT be available in our American Fork or Payson Clinics until further notice.. The vaccine will eventually be available through the Utah County Health Department for every Utah County resident 16 or 18 years old and older (dependent on vaccine ...



This is only for non-hospital healthcare workers in Utah County at this time.  Family members of healthcare workers cannot be vaccinated yet but please make an appointment to get your vaccination, and any of your staff can do so as well.


The health department will require work identification badges or other proof that those receiving the vaccine are healthcare workers.  (Other proof could be, a signed letter by the doc with the names of staff on company letterhead or on a prescription pad). The health department is billing insurances for administration of the vaccine (the vaccine itself is free)—so please let your staff know to bring insurance information as well as work ID.  If they do not have insurance, the health department will waive the fee.